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The Next Level of
Reiki Healing

Usui/Crystalline Reiki Training & Activations

Reiki Activations will:

  • Open and connect you to powerful healing Reiki energies

  • Allow you to channel Reiki to help heal yourself and others

  • Raise your vibration permanently and increase your intuitive abilities 

Why Get Trained in Reiki?

If you are already a healer, receiving a Reiki activation will allow you to use this universal healing energy instead of your own. Channeling Reiki energizes you as you are giving it to your client which not very many healing modalities do. 

Using Reiki to Help Heal Yourself and Others

Reiki activations opens the Reiki channels in your body and permanently raise your vibration to a higher level, allowing you to connect to the higher realms for divine guidance.​ If you do not consider yourself a healer but would like to be more in control of your health, Reiki is a wonderful self-healing modality. 

About Usui/Crystalline Reiki

Usui/Crystalline Reiki is a newer particular flavor of Reiki that I teach. It combines the symbols taught by Dr. Mikao Usui and adds Crystalline Grid energy, an incredibly powerful, healing energy that goes beyond where the standard symbols go, and into the realm of wholeness healing. It is extremely effective at helping to heal past issues and trauma.​

I became an Usui/Crystalline Reiki Master Teacher after receiving four levels of training. Because Reiki can assist with the evolution and healing of our planet and its inhabitants, I have intentionally kept my pricing low in hopes that more people would have access to it.

Starting at the level 1 and 2 combination class is the perfect first step. This will not only allow you to heal yourself and others, it will also raise your vibration and open you up to a new level spiritually. Once your skills are more refined and you have experience working with this powerful energy, you may consider moving up to the Reiki Master level.

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