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Learn to Channel &
Connect with
Your Guides

The Learn to Channel & Connect with Your Guides course was co-created with Spirit through divine downloads that would typically stream in somewhere between 3 - 5 am. I know that your spirit guides are eager to connect with you and would love to have more of a presence in your life. We have co-created this course with the intention of guiding you towards a deeper relationship with them. Being able to receive their love, support, and divine guidance directly is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself! 

Whether you want to learn how to channel for others or just want to learn how to tap into the divine guidance and wisdom available to you - we will help you get there.

I intentionally limit the class size of this course in order to keep it fairly intimate and allow each participant to have a more personalized experience. The course is broken out into 2 - 2 hour classes and covers fundamentals of the spirit realm as well as tips and techniques to help you connect. We will do a guided meditation to help clear our chakras, open up our energy fields and raise our vibration, then we will do a practice exercise together. I will invite your guides to join us and help you make a connection with them.


During the second session we will have a group channeled Q & A session with our guides so that you can not only connect with them energetically for yourselves but you may also ask them any questions you might have. They will conclude the course with a closing message specifically tailored to class participants. 

If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about taking this class at a different time,  please don't hesitate to contact me

"Working with Cindy in her Learn to Channel Class was absolutely life-changing! Learning how to raise my frequency and vibration to attune to the higher dimensions was the piece I was missing. Cindy is incredibly intuitive and has such a nurturing spirit. I most definitely look forward to continuing our work together. Thank you Cindy for sharing your gifts with others! You are helping to illuminate the world around you."  - Sarah

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