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Master Practitioner
(Level 3)

Usui/Crystalline Reiki Master Practitioner (Level 3) - Training and Activation

Class Fee: $333

​The third level is the Master Practitioner level which will amplify your healing abilities even further. Most students who attain this level experience a noticeable increase in their psychic abilities as the Crystalline energy connects you to the very high frequency Crystalline Grid energies. Upon completion of both classes, you will receive your Reiki Master Practitioner Certification. 

  • Class 1: You will receive the Usui Master Symbol, a very powerful symbol used to amplify Reiki energy. We will also cover how to send continuous Reiki energy via a World Peace Reiki Grid.

  • Class 2: You will receive the Crystalline symbol activation taking your abilities to an even higher level. You will also learn advanced Reiki techniques to help amplify your healing abilities and practices.

  • Class 3: We will schedule a time to work together one on one, so that you can practice some more and fine tune your Reiki practice.

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