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Live Group Channeled Q&A

Offered Monthly on Zoom 

Sunday, April 21

10am PST / 1pm EST


Join me on Zoom and I will channel for the group, giving each participant an opportunity to ask a question. Whenever I channel for a group, I communicate with a collective of energy beings that includes your personal spirit guides, as well as my team of guides, angels and Source/God itself. Occasionally departed loved ones pop in as well.


Our guides always meet us exactly where we are, extending their loving guidance and support to help us navigate our human experiences. Because they see everything from a much broader vantage point, their "higher perspective" can be incredibly helpful!


We will cover as many questions as we can within the allocated time we have (75 minutes).​ Space is limited, so be sure to secure your spot.


Feel free to invite a friend!

FREE Healing Meditation
Offered Monthly on Zoom

Monday, June 3
4:30pm PST / 7:30pm EST

Join me on Zoom for a complimentary guided healing meditation. Together, we will call upon the assistance of our angels and guides to take us on a healing journey. Through our collective intention and with our permission, they will support us in releasing and healing anything that may be impeding us from living our best lives. Let's clear the way for more of our divine essence to flow through us!


*Also Available:
Schedule a Private Group Channeling Event

$175 for up to 6 people 

Looking for a cool activity to do with your spiritual friends? Schedule a private party and either gather in person or on Zoom, and I will join you to facilitate a conversation with the higher realms. The session will run approximately 90 minutes giving each participant plenty of time to ask questions. 

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