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What is Channeling?

Channeling is a form of telepathy. I essentially raise my vibrational frequency in order to connect and communicate with Spirit. I allow my team of guides to speak through me in order to give others the opportunity to access the divine guidance and wisdom they hold.  

Who Exactly Are We Communicating With?

The collective of energy beings that I channel includes many ascended masters, archangels, angels, master teachers and healers. They are all expressions of God/Source, just like we are. They knows us at a soul level and understand what it is we came here to work on in this incarnation. They are able to view our human experiences from a much broader vantage point then we can, offering us a "higher perspective" that can be so incredibly helpful. They love providing divine guidance and sharing the wisdom that they've acquired through many of their own incarnations. Because they are tasked with assisting our spiritual evolution (both individually and collectively), I can assure you that their intentions are pure and for the highest good of all. Their messages always come through in a supportive way with so much love and light!  They also aim to assist us our healing journeys by releasing dense energy (such as wounds, traumas and old patterns that no longer serve us), so that we can ascend into more harmonious light beings and experience more love, peace and harmony.

On a personal level they have helped me to develop a clearer understanding of my life’s purpose as well as the lessons that I came here to try to master through this incarnation. They guide me through my life challenges and help me to find the learning opportunities in everything that I experience. They encourage and inspire me in the most loving and supportive ways, and sometimes they just make me laugh, and remind me to lighten up and have more fun!

What to Expect in a Session

After briefly connecting with you and answering any questions you might have for me, I will get into "channel mode" and call in my divine team. They will typically have an opening message for you (because they already know what they want to tell you!), then you can begin asking for what you'd like their guidance on. It is your chance to have a conversation with them, and I simply act as the facilitator and conduit. Though they do typically already know what you need to hear, I recommend preparing some questions in advance in order to get the most out of your time with them. Receive sample questions here.

I assure you that they are anxiously "waiting in the wings" for the opportunity to connect and share their wisdom with you! 

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