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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a healing methodology that restores the balance and flow of life force energy throughout the body, mind, and soul. If we hold unprocessed emotions, wounds and traumas in our energetic field long enough, they create energetic blockages that eventually manifest into illness and dis-ease in the physical body. To be healthy and well, we need our life force energy to be free flowing without dense or sluggish energy impeding the flow. Having a clear energy field optimizes the body's innate ability to function well and also heal and repair itself. Energy healing works on all aspects of our well-being: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

In my sessions, I work in the quantum field with my phenomenal team of divine helpers and healers. Once we have a client's permission and their intent to heal, we work within their energy field to alchemize and clear any dense energies so that permanent healing can begin. I work with powerful healers, including archangels, ascended masters, Reiki guides, and shamans. It is not uncommon for Archangels Metatron, Gabriel, Michael, and/or Jesus to appear in my sessions. We collaborate to perform the healing, and I assist by holding the shared intention and a high vibrational healing energy frequency, as well as working as a medium. During the healing, they provide me with visuals and dialogue to better understand the root causes of the issues being addressed. They also highlight areas where changes and new patterns are needed. Healing is always guided by the client's intention and desire to heal, as well as their willingness to release what no longer serves them, and begin establishing healthier habits and patterns.

Whatever issue(s) my team chooses to illuminate, we will immediately work on with you to alchemize and heal. We may also release past energies or negative cords that you have to another person, situation or event that's not serving you well. We will finish the session by filling you up with Divine love and light and sealing that high frequency healing energy in so that your healing will continue beyond our time together.

Benefits of Energy Healing

  • Release trapped emotions, trauma and ‘stuck energy’

  • Release stress and anxiety

  • Reduce pain 

  • Heal illness and promote recovery 

  • Balance your chakras

  • Heal relationships

  • Heal past life traumas and wounds

  • Promote positive feelings such as love, peace, confidence, empowerment, vitality and wellness

  • Increase your intuitive abilities 

What to Expect in an Energy Healing Session

A typical session involves 45-60 minutes of meditative relaxation. All you need to do is close your eyes, relax and be open to receiving a healing. Depending on the type of session we arrange I will either place my hands on or just above your body, or in a remote session I will use my own body as a conduit to energetically connect with yours. As long as I am able to connect with you on an energetic level, a remote session can be just as effective as in person!

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You may feel warmth and/or a tingly sensation or a flow of energy moving through your body. You might also feel a slight discomfort or ache as something in you releases. You could also experience an emotional release. Sometimes you won’t feel anything at all which doesn’t mean that it’s not working. Each person’s experience is unique. The more that you want to heal and the more open you are to receiving, the more likely you are to have better results.  At a minimum you feel relaxed, peaceful and stress free!

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