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Channeled Q & A
With Your Spirit Guides

Each one of us has a team of spirit guides (divine universal beings) that are around us and guiding us all of the time. Because they are higher dimensional beings we cannot see them, but we can feel their energy and connect with them in a variety of ways. We all have the innate ability to connect and communicate with our guides, but like any skill it requires some dedication and practice in order to do so. And some of us have more of a propensity for this than others.


I began communicating with my guides several years ago and have developed quite a relationship with them as time has gone on! They have helped me to develop a clearer understanding of my life’s purpose as well as the lessons that I came here to learn. They encourage and inspire me in the most loving and supportive ways. And sometimes they just make me laugh, and remind me to lighten up and have more fun ! Because they know me at a soul level and know what I came here to learn in this lifetime, they are able to view my human experiences from a much broader vantage point than I'm able to.


When I asked my team to identify themselves they told me that they are “a collection of souls, ascended masters and angels, all universal beings that hold a high frequency and are considered part of universal consciousness."  They have stated that they are a collective council assigned to assist humanity through this period of Great Awakening that we are currently moving through. This council works alongside my spirit guides to assist me with my lessons and growth whenever possible. For simplicity sake I just refer to them all as my "divine helpers" or "spirit guides". The one thing I know for sure is that they love connecting and sharing their wisdom with us! They remind me often that they want us to ask them for help as it is their job to assist humanity. I can assure you that their intentions are pure and their messages always come through in a supportive way with so much love and light! 

In a Channeling Your Spirit Guides session with me, I will connect with my team, as well as your own personal guides, so that you can ask them any questions you might have about your life. I do recommend preparing your questions in advance in order to get the most out of our time together. Receive sample questions here.

I assure you that they are anxiously "waiting in the wings" for the opportunity to connect and share with you! 

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