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What to Expect in a Medium Session

In a Medium Session I will make a connection with your departed loved one(s) so that we can have a shared conversation with them. We will start the session by asking them to provide us with some form of evidence or detailed information that you are able to validate. This may include a shared memory, one of their personality traits, details of their passing, a meaningful object, really anything that you are likely to recognize. Once we do that, they will share whatever messages they have for you and you may ask them any questions that you wish! 

If you've recently lost someone you love, it can be comforting to know that our loved ones stay close by when they first transition. They want to help us through our grief, and do their best to guide us towards feeling joy again. They also really want us to know that they are OK and that there is no suffering in the angelic realm. In fact they are more than OK, and often report that they are very much at peace and feel at home. The spirit understands that from a human perspective it can be extremely painful to lose someone you love, however at a soul level they know that it's never truly the end because the soul never dies. We are always able to connect energetically! 

Departed loved ones are often just as excited to communicate with you, as you are to communicate with them! And if your relationship is in need of healing, it's entirely possible to accomplish that during a session. Establishing a connection with them in this way could very well be the beginning of a renewed and ongoing relationship that you develop - sparking the ability to connect with them in your everyday life going forward.

Although the majority of the time the person you wish to connect with will come through, I cannot force anyone to show up on command. It is also possible that someone else that you know will come through simply because they are very anxious to communicate with you. Some beings come through instantaneously and are super eager to communicate, while others may take some time to come forward and share. Trust that whatever is meant to happen for you will happen and you will receive whatever is for your highest good!

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