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Soul Contracts

What is a Soul Contract?

A soul contract is an agreement that your Soul Self made with your High Council who are a team of guides that exist in the spiritual plane and govern the afterlife. When your soul decided it wanted to reincarnate and come back to earth again, you made a plan of what you wanted to experience in this lifetime in order to learn the lessons you wanted to learn. The intent behind this contract is soul level growth and evolution. Once we are in contractual agreement with our High Council, the plan to reincarnate gets set in motion.  


Our soul family agrees to play various roles in our life, and these “players” typically include parents, siblings, extended family, close friends and others who come into our life for periods of time and for very particular reasons. We carefully map out where we will be born and on what date.  


Although our life is predestined, not everything is set in stone. We are granted the "free will" to make choices as a way of learning our lessons through our human experiences. 

Remembering who we really are

The system is designed so that our memory upon birth is erased, though technically everything is stored in our subconscious. Our work as spiritual beings is to unlock the key to our subconscious in order to remember who we really are at a soul level and to find our purpose for being on earth at this time.  


Are we able to make changes to our soul contract after we’ve reincarnated?

Yes! You can definitely make adjustments and rewrite your soul contract as your life circumstances change.

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