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Night Skies


What is a Shamanic Journey?

A shamanic journey is a technique used by shamans for centuries where you enter into a trance state in order to visit the spirit realms. A person leaves their body intentionally to travel to the invisible world in order to have a cosmic experience and gain insights, guidance and/or a healing from the spirit world.

What to Expect in a Session

We'll start by setting an intention for what it is you wish to experience. Then we'll listen to some drumming music to help get ourselves relaxed and into a trance state. 
I will do a traditional innovation to call in spirits from all 7 directions in order to create a safe, protected and sacred circle for our journey. As we enter into an altered state of consciousness, all you'll
 need to do is stay relaxed and surrender to the process. From that point onward I will guide your journey as little or as much as you need me to. Some clients need me to guide the entire experience and others will simply take off on their own telling me what they see as they go. I will make sure that your intention remains clear so that you stay on track to receiving whatever it is you intended to receive. As with all of my offerings, I will relay whatever spirit shares with me - whether it be visuals, messages, feelings or sensations. If healing is needed and you have given us permission to offering you healing, I will relay whatever I am shown or sense. The divine healers that typically show up in my sessions include several powerful archangels, ascended masters, shamans and ancestors. They are very good at what they do, and I trust their work. I will also send Reiki if/when they guide me to as a way to assist the healing process. One thing that is certain is that they always make us feel cherished, loved and supported when working with us.

As soon as the journey is complete, which is typically about 30 minutes, I will guide you back into your body. We will then take a little time to process and reflect on our journey together. You are welcome to do to an audio recording of our session to capture whatever comes through.

What Kinds of Experiences Can I Expect to Have?

The experience of a shamanic journey will vary from person to person. It will depend on factors such as the individual's mindset, the intention and purpose of the journey, and also how developed a person's psychic senses are. Some people experience vivid and detailed visions, while others may have a more subtle or abstract experience. Most will experience at least one interaction with a spirit guides which is highly personal.

How Can a Guided Shamanic Journey Help Me?

There are many ways that shamanic journeying can be helpful. You might:

  • receive clarity, guidance and support with a challenge or with your soul's mission

  • get assistance with the relationships in your life, and determine if there are past life situations affecting this one

  • discover and better understand what inner self-work is needed

  • get clearer about which direction to head in your life if you're at a crossroad

  • figure out why you have certain issues, fears, anxieties etc. by finding it's origin point and healing it

  • get clarity around physical health issues, including long-term or life-threatening illness or diseases that mainstream medicine seems unable to help you with

  • tap into to future timelines (possible scenarios to play out) and pull them forward so they can be brought into your current timeline

You certainly don’t need to have issues in order to benefit from a session. Do expect to have a transformational experience that will help you get to know yourself at a deeper more cosmic level. 

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