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I am a Certified Reiki Healer, Yoga Teacher, Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Channeler. And apparently I have been doing this type of work for many lifetimes according to the Akashic Record Keepers! But in this lifetime because I was so busy working and raising a family most of my adulthood, I wasn't fully aware of or aligned with my soul's purpose. On a good day I managed to fit in a power yoga class to burn off all of the stress that I was shouldering. And at the end of class I had the luxury of a whopping 5 minute meditation during Savasana before going home to cook dinner and take care of my family, the dog, the cat, the dishes etc.

When I turned 50 everything changed for me. I took some time off to pause and re-evaluate how I was living my life. I asked myself why I was giving so much of my time, energy and attention to a stressful job instead of to doing the things that I love to do. So I set some intentions for myself that included doing more yoga, dedicating more time to meditation, spending more time in nature and simply enjoying more time with friends and loved ones.

I quit my job and moved to the beautiful Sierra Foothills in Northern California with my beloved husband and dog. And after nearly 20 years on my mat, I became a certified yoga teacher. I am very happy to report that I finally have a consistent daily meditation practice! And boy has it changed my life in more ways than I could have ever anticipated. It has allowed me to reconnect with my higher self at a much deeper level, and I have been able to harness my innate psychic gifts.

Although 2020 came with many challenges, for me it also came with many blessings. I now have an ongoing relationship with my team of spirit guides who provide me with the exact guidance, wisdom and support that I need at any moment. They are the co-creative force behind me putting myself out there and sharing my gifts with others. 

I believe that is a time of Great Awakening on our planet and the pandemic plays in role in that. It is time for us to remember who we really are (souls having a human experience), as well as what we came here to do in this lifetime. It is my hope and intention that I can assist others on their path by accessing divine intelligence and sharing the wisdom that our angels and guides are so eagerly waiting to share with us!  

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